Trend Report Food & Beverages 2019-2020

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About us

We are FrieslandCampina Ingredients Food & Beverages. We believe that moments of feeling good matter to everyone. Whether in a coffee bar with the people we cherish most, or alone in the comfort of our own home, the moments we take to indulgence in a smooth, rich cup of coffee or a sweet cupcake are precious. We enrich those moments by creating indulgent food & beverage ingredients which enrich consumers’ experiences and touch their senses.

Together with you, we shape unique product experiences based upon real consumer insights and needs. We’ve captured the most relevant consumer trends and needs in our brand new Trend Report 2019-2020. Here you will find unique data and insights based upon our unique listening research, both in the form of trends and booming recipes. Flick through and discover how we can create market propositions together that will win the hearts and minds of your consumers.

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At FrieslandCampina Ingredients, we are serious about delivering goodness to your consumers, your products and your success. We look forward to teaming up and, together, delivering new, inspiring and delicious applications that make a difference in the market for you and the end-consumer.

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